Warrior Nathan

Peter Gatt
Apr 4, 2017
Twas the day before summit (AWS Summit) ... I think I've started a post like this before.
It's that AWS Summit time again in Sydney!!. If you're not familiar with the AWS Summit, whether you are just starting to look at cloud or you're looking to catch up with the experts in the field to further your adoption of cloud, this is the place to do it. It's an action packed couple of days and there's plenty to see. In particular for Vibrato, this year marks a very special occasion as I personally hand over the "Cloud Warrior" title to our AWS legend, Nathan Dines, and retreat to the "Alumni Pete?" status.


APN Cloud Warriors are AWS Certified individuals who are both deeply skilled on the AWS platform, and are strong technology advocates in the industry. Being part of the Cloud Warrior program was an amazing experience and I loved working with peers, AWS and others to assist in delivering awesome solutions for our clients. Whilst I'm sad to not sit at the table this year, I couldn't be happier that Nathan takes over and joins the table of warriors.
Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 5.21.40 AM.pngNathanPro.pngaws-apn-cloud-warrior.png
Nathan joined Vibrato almost a year ago now. Having worked for several organisations in the past directly, he wanted to really accelerate his career and came to consult at Vibrato. In true Cloud Warrior style, he got his associate exams passed before he even started and I believe it was in the time whilst he transitioned over to Vibrato! Loving the AWS setup and fundamental setup of foundation services across multiple clients, Nathan proceeded to set up "The Vibrato Way" of delivering AWS Foundations that we use today for the majority of our clients. 
In December last year at AWS Re:Invent, Nathan decided that whilst myself and few other Vibratii were away admiring the sites and attractions, he would go and just pass every single pro exam! He didn't even study and that's because he just knows AWS inside out. This has lead to his nomination to be a cloud warrior this year, and me stepping down, making Nathan "Warrior Nathan".
Now Nathan spends his days delivering amazing solutions for clients, with a clear focus on delivering the most advanced AWS solutions our clients have seen. He'll assist the community by giving back to the Cloud Warrior program and ensuring all organisations can take advantage of his architectural advances.  I'd like to personally congratulate Nathan on achieving the warrior status and look forward to the amazing things he does inside of and with Vibrato in the future. 
So with that, I wish all of you a happy AWS Summit and great times filled with clients, partners, friends and technologies. If you get time, please hit us up for a coffee or beer to catch up with "Warrior Nathan" or "Post Tech Pete - not really"! The Vibrato and Hava teams are floating around and would love to talk to you all about the amazing solutions we've been pulling together for clients and the outstanding contribution Vibrato is making to the industry.

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