How Vibrato Prices Our Services

Customised Solutions at a Fixed Price

Every project that we undertake at Vibrato is different. From business size to the complexity of the goals to the resources needed to complete the job, there isn’t a way to lay a single number on our services.

For that reason, the best way to get an estimate is to sign up for a free consultation with Vibrato's consultants.

We'll Build a Solution with You

Free Consultation

We’ll talk with you about your goals, concerns, and current systems to get a better idea of the proposed project and whether Vibrato is the right fit for your needs.

Maturity Assessment

We’ll conduct a full review of your company, processes, and team that we’ll use to plan our work for you. Every Maturity Assessment from Vibrato includes a detailed list of jobs and goals which you can take for comparison. If you proceed with Vibrato and the project exceeds 20 days of work, your Maturity Assessment will be dissolved into the cost of the project.*

Scope of Works

Next, we create a document that lays out in black-and-white the estimated time and materials that we believe will be required from Vibrato and from you, the client. You’ll be able to clearly understand what we’ll need from your company, as well as the goals we’ll achieve.

Service Agreement

Finally, we’ll reach an agreement where we can set definitive dates for project completion under a fixed price or work with you to deliver as much value as possible within a finite scope and budget.


IT Consultants that Add Value at Every Stage

With a stable and robust modern solution and a team that can self-correct, you’ll find that Vibrato can help you reduce your IT operations costs and unlock greater potential within your company. Vibrato specialises in bringing automation and modern DevOps practices into every stage of your development build and release processes. This, in turn, adds a competitive advantage to your business that can result in beating your competitors to market with the latest services and features.

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You can learn more about how to understand the value added of Vibrato’s services by reading about how we measure success. Or, you can learn more about our previous successes by reading our case study on our work with Yarris or with CitiPower and Powercor. If you’re ready to start a conversation about how Vibrato’s DevOps and automation consultants can help you, sign up for a free consultation with our experts here.


*Conditions apply.

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