Automate Your Release Engineering

Increase Reliability, Gain Faster Feedback

Every software company knows that release engineering plays a crucial role in your growth. Smart release engineering practices enable your business to grow and scale with your products, enabling your dev teams to increase cadence with higher reliability and faster feedback. In fact, release engineering can be the difference between successful deployments and missed opportunities.


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Do You Need To Re-evaluate Your Release Engineering?

Whether you’re developing in house or looking to release an out-of-the-box product, release engineering plays an integral role in creating happy customers. Slow releases, bugs, and faults in the product aren’t acceptable and can materially damage your company.

Vibrato’s automation experts have worked with companies across Australia who are experiencing delays in their releases. Often, we find that these delays have to do with manual steps in their build and deployment flows. Manual processes can result in broken builds or ignored errors and warnings that lead to buggy releases and unhappy customers.

Without the ability to automatically test, release to production, and get alerted via a fast feedback loop when something goes wrong, your release times and reliability will suffer. It takes a long time to complete a build, and sometimes even longer to deploy. Smart release engineering practices and infrastructure can increase the speed of your Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) processes.

How Vibrato Works With Your Release Engineering Team

Bringing in an outside consultant can be a tough decision. Worse, it can feel like a threat to your team. With Vibrato, though, you don’t have to worry about some suit encumbering your team and process with a corporate-approved system.

Instead, our full-stack engineers work with your team to transform your culture and put in place steps, processes, and training that will enable your team to work more reliably and with more feedback.

We work with your team to first understand every step in your current system and then act as mentors and wingmen in your team’s evolution and development. The result is more reliable releases based on automated process. Your team will be able to deliver solid builds more easily and your customers will be happier than ever.

You can learn more about Vibrato's top-to-bottom services here. Our technical services like Cloud Migration and Continuous Delivery Bootstrapping put in place the foundation for smarter, automated processes while our expert DevOps consultants work with your team to revolutionise your culture. Or, you can learn how we've helped other companies by reading about our work for Yarris or CitiPower and PowerCor.

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