Vibrato and Autotrader

Greenfields Kubernetes on AWS

Building a custom platform for a game changing new brand

Vibrato and Autotrader have partnered to create an innovative custom platform solution. Built to be fully automated, fast and resilient, their collaboration has empowered the release of the Autotrader brand to market.

Autotrader is a new challenger brand in the Australian market which is intent on changing the way Australian’s buy, sell and own cars as well as representing a smarter way to trade Auto.

Learn How Vibrato:
  • Designed and helped build an end-to-end solution leveraging AWS and Kubernetes;
  • Enabled Autotrader's DevOps teams to capitalise on their existing investments in application containerisation;
  • Created an automated development and deployment pipeline which allows Autotrader's teams to go from code commit to production in minutes;

We engaged Vibrato to partner with us and take us on a journey into the future of cloud computing. Within a short space of time, they were able to distil the business outcomes we desired into a rich set of tooling which we now own and maintain – and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Jeremy Gupta CTO, Carsguide & Autotrader

Download the Autotrader Case Study HERE


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