Azure Functions: The Glue for Open Source Services

James Bannan
Jul 26, 2017

Microsoft's commitment to open source software makes Azure a great platform for running these types of solutions. But having provisioned multiple open source services, what's the best way to integrate them?what you may not know is that Azure Functions provides the 

Many solutions will offer some integrations or event triggers into other platforms, but rather than relying on native product functionality, Azure Functions gives you the means to easily link all your services into a tightly-integrated, event-driven framework.

Azure Functions is Microsoft's serverless compute platform - instead of architecting and deploying infrastructure to run your code, just run the code straight on Azure, and don't worry about the underlying infrastructure when you need to quickly scale up.

At Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017, Vibrato's own Pete Gatt and Chris Fowles presented a deep technical session on using Azure Functions as the glue which brings disparate open source services running on Azure together to create a self-healing, self-provisioning integrated framework.

Check out the session recording here on Microsoft Channel 9:


If you'd like to find out how you could leverage Azure Functions in your own environment, drop us a line!