Deploying Sumo Logic and Azure Web Apps using Visual Studio Team Services

William Tsoi
Feb 1, 2018

At Vibrato we love the fact that Azure Web Apps enables our customers to deliver and host their web applications with ease, without having to worry about setting up any underlying hosting infrastructure. Sumo Logic is a powerful software-as-a-service cloud-hosted log analytics platform, and we also love Sumo Logic because customers can get started with gaining insights from their logs very quickly, without having to worry about setting up any underlying logging infrastructure.

This setup allows customers to have access to two powerful platforms, Microsoft Azure and Sumo Logic, without having to manage a single server. With that in mind, Sumo Logic provides a Hosted Collector capability, where a log collector can be remotely provisioned on Sumo Logic without having to install any additional software on servers.

Microsoft's Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) is a solid choice for a Continuous Delivery platform because of its many existing integrations with Microsoft Azure. However, until now there has been no such integration between VSTS and Sumo Logic, and so there was no easy way to create and manage Sumo Logic hosted collectors from within the VSTS platform.

In order to tackle this problem, Chris Fowles and William Tsoi from Vibrato wrote a VSTS extension that allows VSTS to create and manage Hosted Collectors as part of their Continuous Delivery pipeline. Now that this VSTS extension is proven and tested, Vibrato have open sourced this project and published this extension on to the Visual Studio Marketplace, so that the greater VSTS and Sumo Logic community can take advantage of the work that was put in.

Come check out the VSTS extension on the Marketplace, and if you have any feature requests or if you would like to contribute to this extension, come check out our GitHub repository.

Vibrato prides ourselves on our community involvement and our commitment to new, interesting technology innovations. For the opportunity to be a part of this, either as a Vibratii, partner or client, register your interest below.

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