DevOps on Azure: Visual Studio to Kubernetes

James Bannan
Jul 19, 2017

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) gives you a powerful, centralised platform on which to collaborate, build and deploy applications quickly and easily. Many organisations already use it to build their .NET-based applications, but did you know that VSTS offers strong integration with open source products, and that you can run a VSTS agent on a Linux platform as well as Windows?

VSTS now offers a compelling cross-platform story, giving application and infrastructure developers a rich CI/CD environment, with support for just about every popular open source solution out there.

I've been using VSTS for some time now, automating deployments of Azure infrastructure and services using ARM templates, but recently I've been working with containerised applications in Kubernetes, running on Azure Container Services. So in this video, I've provided a run-through of how you can deploy a full application stack using Docker images in a fully automated manner using VSTS, all triggered from a single code commit.


DevOps on Azure - ACS, VSTS and Kubernetes from James Bannan on Vimeo.


Check out the video and if you'd like to set up the solution in your own VSTS/Azure environment, then check out the source code for the solution here.

Happy deploying!