Hashicorp's First Conference: Hashiconf

Peter Gatt
Aug 9, 2016


Since the debut of Vagrant in January 2010, Hashicorp has now stepped it up to a total of 8 open source products, and 1 commercial offering. I’m proud to say that I was at the first Hashiconf ever, hosted in Portland, Oregon. Three hundred engineers descended on this big culture, small town location, and enjoyed 2 days of presentations and discussion on Packer, Vagrant, Terraform, Consul, Vault, Serf and Atlas.

So how was it?

Well lets just say that everyone was SUPER EXCITED, especially Seth Vargo who did a great job at MC’ing the event. Keeping us in check, a few jokes (even at his own expense) and then book signing. It was a great way to really kick things off. The food and beverages were tasty, the Gerding Theatre a fantastic venue, and everything seemed to run without a hitch due to the endless hours of work that Jana Boruta put in to organising the event.

"With containerisation becoming the latest boom, this is what the Hashicorp community has been waiting for."

The Keynotes from the likes of Mitchell and Armon were always going to be informative, and they kicked off both days by firstly letting us know what they’d been brewing behind the scenes, and then to really hone in on the principals of Hashicorp and the rationale behind the Tao of Hashicorp, and where they’re looking to get; a world where developers can just develop the same they do in a development environment as they do in a production environment. It was also great to see Luke Kanies from Puppet, and Chris Munns from AWS giving us an insight into the future of technology and management services.

Having the opportunity to meet, mingle and drink with over 300 experts in the DevOps arena was nothing short of an extraordinary experience. Hashicorp introduced a fun concept of taking the stickers of the products you want to chat to people about during breaks, and stick them on your tshirts. From what I could tell, Vault, Consul and Otto appeared to get the most sticker representation in the crowd, but the conversation was rich around all of the Hashicorp suite. Everyone was keen to contribute, swap stories, get new ideas and take home some new tools, tricks, tips and hints to their respective companies and customers. They also unveiled the Hashicorp Partner Program, where Vibrato featured as a founding partner. It's possibly our proudest moment yet as a company, and we'll do our best to spread the word, and respect for the Tao of Hashicorp within Australia.

What’s Nomad?


With containerisation becoming the latest boom, this is what the Hashicorp community has been waiting for. Nomad is a scheduler that integrates (with the usual simplicity) with the rest of the Hashicorp suite, Nomad allows you to declare what it is you'd like to run across your environment without worrying about the details. Kelsey Hightower was daring enough to put Nomad through its paces during the first day, then to adapt his talk into a comparison of Kubernetes and Nomad. Where he highlighted a few of the core differences, and also pointing out some of the reasons why Nomad might appear faster at this point (at the price of correctness). The Vibrato team can't wait to put this product through its paces and to implement it into our projects.

What’s Otto... mation? 

Always suspicious, when I noticed the wifi password for Hashiconf I was curious, what's otto? It had to be more than just a pun. And sure enough, Otto is the successor to Vagrant. The best way to explain Otto from my personal perspective is that it’s an approach at offering a Heroku Style PaaS to the Enterprise. Simply give it your repo, and it figures out what you need infrastructure and application engine wise to get your app going, uses the Hashicorp suite of products under the covers to deliver you that, and then things just start working, it’s quite remarkable. As others contribute to the Otto project the community will start building a massive repository of supported applications and understanding of best practices on how to deploy and run these stacks.

Don’t forotto.pngget to check out Atlas, Hashicorp’s only commercial offering where they glue all of the Hashicorp products together for you, and keep it all in check. This will be a platform of the future, and we’re excited to deliver more of this to our customers.

First Hashiconf down without a hitch, and with a load of information to take home. The timing of the conference and the release of Nomad and Otto was perfect, and it’s exactly the products we were looking for to tie everything together. I had a great time meeting with the International Partners, and look forward to doing my part with Vibrato in advocating the amazing-ness of Hashicorp down under. See you all back home in Australia!

Don’t forget to checkout Hava as well, if you’re interested in getting a look at what Otto ends up spinning up for you!


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