Open Source Shipping with Microsoft Azure

James Bannan
Jul 18, 2017

Service-driven architecture and micro services are changing the way we build and deliver applications in the cloud.  Although it seems that we are all going to have to care about "traditional" servers for a while yet, most businesses are nevertheless looking at the opportunities on offer through cloud-native services and applications.

So how you start the journey to transform and evolve your applications and services from on-premises to cloud-native?

Microsoft Azure is a compelling platform on which to build and host modern applications using Docker. In their session at Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017, Vibrato's own Pete Gatt and Chris Fowles presented a deep dive session on doing exactly that: transforming and migrating on-premises applications to Microsoft Azure using Docker.  The video is up on Microsoft Channel 9 and you can check it out right here: 



Pete and Chris also caught up with Andrew Coates, Developer Evangelist Extraordinaire to discuss the session and shoot the breeze on all things DevOps and automation. Check out the interview here:



Stay tuned for more awesome content from Ignite, as well as the great customer solutions Vibrato is building with Microsoft!