Sydney DevOps Pioneer joins Team Vibrato

Peter Gatt
Jan 10, 2018

It's with much excitement that Vibrato welcomes Aurelie Viger to their team in Sydney. Aurelie brings an amazing history of DevOps and Community Pioneering in Sydney to the team in her new role as the Client Engagement Executive. Aurelie has been on an amazing journey in the industry and comes with a vast history in sales and community brilliance all over Australia. The team is excited about the solution that we'll be taking to market in 2018 with Aurelie's help, and look forward to empowering our clients to do amazing things this new year for their customers.

Aurelie Viger joins Vibrato


Aurelie was instrumental in collaborating with the community at Vibrato over the past few years to build the active participation of many community driven Meet-ups. In particular, Aurelie helped shape the Hashicorp community landscape and is well known for the amazing contributions that she's been able to drive from technology experts in the Sydney community, as well as what she's personally been able to deliver herself. Hashicorp's product range goes hand in hand with DevOps and if you're not using it today, hopefully after reading this, you'll take a look! Needless to say Aurelie will continue to support the Meetup community in her role with Vibrato and now has the backing of one of Australia's leading technology revolution consultancies to bring amazing solutions to clients.


Through her previous roles, Aurelie has been instrumental in finding and providing amazing talent to organisations all throughout Sydney and through that experience, she's been able to understand not only the pain points, but also the solutions that clients need. She's joined Vibrato in the quest to solve these problems in the every growing IT ecosystem. The technology world is rapidly changing as are the services from Vibrato to match. Aurelie now has an opportunity to build relationships and solutions with clients that help them with software delivery, automation, DevOps, data analytics, Machine Learning, AI… and so much more.


With Aurelie's immense knowledge of the start up scene, being an entrepeneur herself, Vibrato is well placed in Sydney to help enterprise clients deliver pace and innovation at the rate of a startup. If you're keen to learn more about how Aurelie and the greater Vibrato team achieve this through their new Vibrato Innovation Services, reach out to Aurelie. We're looking forward to delivering amazing results for your customers through our innovation and initiatives within your business.


Welcome aboard Aurelie, it's going to be fun!