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Cost Effective, Competitive, Modern Infrastructure in the Cloud

Vibrato Cloud Migration case study

"... adoption of AWS across our platform suite has enabled us to deliver innovative products faster, easily and more reliably..."

Ian Goddard, CEO, Yarris PTY LTD 

When your business provides cloud and SAAS services to some of the largest companies in APAC, maintaining a reliable, secure, and easily-managed cloud infrastructure is critical to the success of the business.


Yarris, creator of ConSol, Legal Panel Gateway, Arnie and Dazychain, partnered with Vibrato to modernise their managed infrastructure. Vibrato and Yarris worked together to re-platform three products, decreasing infrastructure costs by 60%. The solution now provides rapid feedback on outages, fine-grained cost monitoring and a more dynamic and future-proof environment.

Learn how Vibrato:

  • Re-platformed Yarris’ existing products to a solution that provided a scalable, cost-effective method of managing infrastructure.
  • Helped redesign Yarris’ systems to fit into a complete and continuous delivery pipeline.
  • Introduced infrastructure as code (IaC), allowing Yarris to shift from 100% manual to 100% automated in 6 months.
  • Used DevOps methodologies to transform the way teams worked together.
  • Reduced the costs associated with maintaining large amounts of infrastructure while increasing the resilience and integrity of their mission-critical data.
  • Worked with Yarris engineers to limit any deployment interruption to its services and customers to only a few hours overnight.

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Download the Yarris Case Study