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Most business leaders recognise that bringing in consultants can impact your team’s performance. An outside team can seem like a challenge and a threat to your employees, as well as a criticism. Suited consultants appearing one day to “shake things up” and “optimise” your employees’ work days are understandably scary.

Vibrato, though, is focused on sharing our knowledge and experience with both the business and technical teams. We work with our clients to educate, break down barriers to success, and help your teams reorganise the way they work to offer more autonomy and more reliable results.

How Can DevOps Transform Your Dev Teams?

DevOps is not a magic spell or a simple tool that can be set in place and left alone to work wonders. Instead, Vibrato knows that it takes serious commitment and engagement from both us as your teachers and your team as the executors. Your Vibrato consultant will work alongside your teams to impart our knowledge and teach continuous improvement.

We will provide documentation, diagrams, and continually leave things in a better state so that, long after the project is completed, your teams are continuing to improve and iterate on the lessons we share.

Professional DevOps Training for Your Team

We attribute much of our success to providing the training and follow up documentation that explains why and how these processes are better. Vibrato’s in-person instructors and training classes explain and promote topics like Chef, Hashicorp, and Custom topics to help your teams adopt the most innovative technologies available.

Through our Wingman training and coaching program, we’re able to tailor a syllabus for your team to ensure they get the training they need to maintain and grow systems that you care about, your way! Vibrato works with every level of your business and dev teams to provide measurable improvements and self-sustaining results.

You can learn how Vibrato has helped companies transform the way their teams work and make huge productivity gains by reading our case studies. We worked with CitiPower and Powercor to free their teams and automate their processes while our work for Yarris resulted in a secure replatforming that offers more flexibility for their dev teams. If you would like to discuss what DevOps training for your teams would look like, please sign up for a free consultation with Vibrato's consultants here.

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