Who's Vibrato?

Expert IT Consultants Specialising In Automation & DevOps

Our team of full-stack engineers work with software and technology businesses to overhaul and modernise their IT environments with the goal of creating reliable, responsive systems that dramatically decrease time to market.

Our decades of experience in automation and DevOps combined with a deep understanding of business needs have propelled Vibrato to the top of APAC’s IT consultancies. Vibrato works with clients of all sizes to automate processes, minimise business and tech overhead, and train your team to free them to focus on the heart of your business: offering your customers best-in-class products and services.

Full Stack Engineers

Vibrato was founded on the idea that we could transform your environments and your processes to eliminate technical chokepoints. More than just cloud-based environments or automation, Vibrato works with your team to overhaul your business into a technology-driven company.

The Vibrato Story

Vibrato is the product of co-founders Peter Gatt and James Martelletti's vision for a smarter IT consultancy. Pete began working in the IT space direct out of university and spent the next 15 years working for companies, consulting, and running other organisations’ IT environments. He quickly learned that, while many businesses were spending big on updating the tech and hardware, they weren’t updating their processes.

The mismatch between modern tech needs and outdated technology systems slowed down development and deployment, ballooning support costs.

Today, Vibrato works with companies in all industries and size to overhaul their environments, systems, and team structures to deliver more reliable releases and deployments at an incredible rate. 

You can learn about our recent successes with Yarris here, or discover how we helped CitiPower and Powercor here. You can discover how Vibrato helps companies like yours by reading more about our DevOps, Cloud Migration, Release Engineering, and training services.

Discover How DevOps Can Transform Your Business

Learn how Vibrato worked with CitiPower and Powercor
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Vibrato is a leading IT Consultancy firm based in Melbourne and Sydney. Vibrato offers automation, DevOps, training, and customised IT infrastructure solutions. We work with Australian businesses to bring applications to market more quickly and reliably. Contact Vibrato here to speak to one of our full-stack engineers.